Sunday, August 31, 2008


so I've been tagged once again by jack.
there are no specific rules to this, so i'm just going to answer them like i would answer any normal question.

whats missing from my life? more action.
will I find love? we are all beings capable of love. the question is, will love find me?
will i be rich? i don't talk money.
does someone have a crush on me? i doubt it.
whats my favorite sexual position? umm...
am i good looking? on my good days, a little.
what makes me most happy? family and friends, that i love and love me in return.
what is my biggest regret? never regret.
how will i die? when i am old and gray peacefully in my bed.
do i act my age? depends on my mood.
what type of tattoo should i get? a bad ass one.. possibly " Bad Ass" on my ass.
whats my spirit animal? an eagle, or a brontosaurus.
do i like pain? i love pain, makes me feel alive.
is there anyone else like me out there? i'd feel bad for anyone who is like me.
do i love to party? depends on the type and the company.
where should i move to? any where near the ocean.
am i secretly gay? maybe so.. its a secret.
will i ever be president? ha ha.. never.
what is fun for me? lots of things, i'm easily entertained.
will i ever learn to fly? in my dreams.
whats my super power? sadly,i make people fall asleep.
what can i do to move on? just breathe.

so i'm the little fat kid who gets tagged because their to slow, and can't tag anyone else. then gives up all hope, sits on the grass and cry's.

i'm sitting on the grass right now, just remembering to breathe.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a girl

new portrait
14 x 18
acrylic on canvas

Sorry poor photo quality

Monday, August 18, 2008

blue above

So just as a side note: this poem is random, I made it for my niece about a year ago. She compiled a bunch of words that reminded he of grass ( strange hu?) but then I threw this poem together, with her words . I love the randomness of it. Hope you like.

blue above
green at my feet
orange dead dirt below

rolling down the hills
ouch, how my sunburn kills
weeds and trees
some strange reason make me sneeze
i hate grass down my shirt
paper thin slices hurt

blue above
green at my feet
orange dead dirt below

dreaming of drinking some tea
with Buddha in a tree
we could fly into the sky
nirvana twinkling in my eye
stars sprinkle down
and turn my frown upside down

blue above
green at my feet
orange dead dirt below

somewhere Bambi trips
in the darkness of a lunar eclipse
fog rolls on the mountain side
the thought of wormies make me hide
dancing around mushroom circles and daisy train
is a way i pray for rain

blue above
green at my feet
orange dead dirt below

at night i can hear the dinosaurs cry
it always brings a tear to my eye
just to think of them buried below
funny how now they help my car go
under the rainbow, theres a pot of gold
where all the secrets lye untold

blue above
green at my feet
orange dead dirt below

lets hide under my tree
and tell stories of how the world can be
they say rock n roll is dead
but it still lives on in my head
i want the world to see
how easy life can be

blue above
green at my feet
orange dead dirt below


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