Thursday, December 31, 2009

the end

Year 2009 is coming to an end
I'd like to recap on the fun times i had... The slew of concerts: The Ting Tings(by far the funnest concert ever, oh and the Hot Tubs... Crazy smelly dancer), 311, Ziggy Marley, Incubus, The Duke Spirit, The Fray, Jacks Mannequin, Bon Iver, Jenny Lewis, Iron & Wine and Okkervil River. Vegas Trip. Ghost Hunting. Scavenger Hunt Date Night. Liquid Joe's 80's Cover Band (when we thought it was going to be a dance party). Talking On The Phone For 12 Hours Straight. Nickelcade. Dance Parties. Fort Building. The Rodeo. Camping Out On Left Field. Bowling. Harry Potter, X-men and The Watchmen Angels and Demons(even though i fell asleep) Premieres. Festival Of Colors. India Fest. Baking Adam's Birthday Cake. The Park. San Fransisco Trip. Going To The Salt Flats For The First Time.Jay and I Buying Our Bikes. Bike Rides. St. George. Full Moon Lift Ride. The Coffee Brake. Getting Lost In The Fog Driving Up The Canyon. Kite Flying Sunday. Jalynn and Kazj's Wedding. My Little Nieces Being Born.

None of this would have been possible without my amazing friends and family. Love you all I hope 2010 will be even better.

Below are just random Polaroids taken through out the year. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

nothing better

So my current obsession with this song is growing and growing the more i hear it... I love the postal service... the video is no good so just close your eyes and let the music take you over. Enjoy.


self portrait,watercolor.

Its a cold snowy day... i didn't have to work so i decided to stay in all day so thought i should make my day somewhat productive. So i began painting. I did this today after attempting to paint a portrait of Thom Yorke which is failing miserably. anyway good day... hopefully more paintings to come.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

food for thought

I've noticed a trend to my blogging. Seems to me that i only post things frequently after my heart has been broken. why is this so? not too certain... but if i can take a guess. more free time away from that certain person of interest =alone time, being heart broken = pain which adds fuel to my creativity, being without that person makes me feel empty = lots of thinking to fill the spaces= no sleep = me writing posts at 3 in the morning.

So boys keep braking my heart.
no please don't

Half Tinted

I'm caving in...
Buying them after i get my paycheck.

sources: Danny Roberts

a void

do you ever wake up in the morning feeling empty
breathing feels (use)less
just passes through your lungs

deep breaths leave you
L o n g i n g

for more of what you cant have

yet you still wake up and smile and push through the day
tears have all vanished and
replaced with fears


just a void

this emptiness bring
something that i love and miss


it makes me want to brake past this destitution
and prove that
i am more
The Hollow Men


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