Friday, April 4, 2008

Filled With Colors

I went to Holi (The Festival of Colors)
It was amazing.. I was in awe of its beauty. Its funny, the pure joy you get by getting hit in the face with a handful of colored powder and dancing to music that you really don't know how to dance to.Sadly I had no clue what we were chanting,or what did the burning of the lady truly represented. The whole experience was awesome.. stepping out side of the typical "Utahan" norms (even though I felt engulfed by BYU students)and stepping into something so beautiful and cultural is so self rewarding. I am most defiantly going next year. But here are a few pictures from it.

The temple was Beautiful and filled with so many people

The colors blotted out the sky we were in a a huge pink cloud

We couldn't resist, Too funny yet very smart!

P.S. The colors still haven't faded out of my hair! So just a warning to bleach blonds who plan on attending next year, I suggest wearing a hat.

So who's coming with me next spring?

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