Tuesday, June 24, 2008


the vastness of this darkness
devouring of souls
the torment
and agony of being alone
thoughts that flow..

like kisses from lovers lips
eyes closed so tight
that the truth may be concealed
lovers that i never truly loved
flowed through me,
like the ink in this pen
only leaving gaps
in the spaces
where you and i should be

but yet i find contentment
in my own torment
i smile
i laugh
no, this is no faux
reality is my actuality
this emptiness is mine
my heart has deceived
and been deceived
i no longer trust it
nor my thoughts

i am now a drifter
like the breeze
slipping in and out
of reality
there are no drugs
to thank for this relapse
i've found a new addiction
and it doesn't leave a track
i get my fix from a love
a love that isn't real

1 comment:

h2oetry said...

Les, you are very creative, you need to do this more often... I love seeing what you create, whether drawings, paintings, writings...

Fellow drifter,



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