Sunday, September 28, 2008

an emo girl

as i was leaving work today,walking through the parking lot to get to my car. There was a vehicle filled with young men. As I was passing this vehicle, one of the young men inside the car said to the driver, " Don't hit the emo girl." This got me to thinking, I'm I an "emo girl"?... What the hell is an "emo" anyway? I never thought my self as being "emo". Maybe it was my black high heels,black tights, black and white high waisted checkered skirt, black tank and cardigan. With my dark short hair, Bam.. I'm now emo. This event made me laugh, so did the time I was mistaken for a gay boy at a club, but that's another story.

It also reminded me of this:
while perusing through one of my favorite magazines . I found the cover story quite intriguing. here's the link.
Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization
Anyway this post is about stereotyping/ labeling.. we all do it. I try not to, but I find myself doing it anyway. Just the other day I labeled two girls as being air-heads. Their conversation about the Haunted Forest attraction in American Fork possibly being real and their high pitched "valley girl" talk is what validated it for me. I'm rude but they were dumb. Why do we tend to do this, is it a sad pathetic attempt to make us feel better about ourselves? I really don't care what other people label me. So instead of using labels such as: Hipster, Punk, Nerd, Bitch, Air-head, Bro's,Emo etc. The list goes on and on. The only label we should use is our name. I am me.. I am Lesly. Its who I am and have always been.

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markkrris said...

nice to see that this topic is finally getting some airtime. Keeping hush-hush about it doesn't make it go away... BTW, here's some more info about emo for those interested.


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