Monday, April 20, 2009

seeing stars

we have seen pieces of the sky fall above our heads
"can you wish on meteorites?" i asked
all you did was laugh and shake your head

silly boy you were wrong.. I can wish on them if i like.

"shooting stars" and "falling stars" are both names that people have used for many hundreds of years to describe meteors -- intense streaks of light across the night sky caused by small bits of interplanetary rock and debris called meteoroids crashing and burning high in Earth's upper atmosphere.

the Lyrids meteor shower starts April 16th and will be most active after midnight to dawn on Wednesday April 22, 2009. Not only is this the peak date for the Lyrids Meteor Shower, but April 22 is also Earth Day. Earth Day was proposed to encourage consciousness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.

join me on Earth Day to make many wishes.

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Darling Nicki said...

hell to the ya! Go green or go home!


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