Monday, February 1, 2010

a creep

I'm a weirdo

What the HELL am i doing here?

I don't belong here

I want a perfect BODY

I want a perfect SOUL
So about time i go off on some random topic. Its been a while right? Anyway so I've been thinking and working on ways to improve my physical appearance. I've been eating healthier, I've kinda been working out at the gym... yeah i really need to go more regularly. I'm working on it. But I'm proud to say I've lost some weight. YAY!! No i don't think I'm fat. I just want to shape up and be fit okay. back to wanting a perfect body. So I'm working on my weight... check. Now I'll venture to the dark side, areas of my body i have issues with... My NOSE, BOOBS, THIGHS. To start of I'm starting with the bottom and working my way up. THIGHS... oh my big fat thunder thighs, how i want them to go away. so this is my main goal to tone up my thighs with working out. To me this isn't that big of a problem to work on. I'll i have to do is get the right mind set and get my ass in the gym more. On to the BOOBS... Oh yes everyone loves a pair of big boobs but god gave me a pair of very small 32 A's. Yup but you know what i don't know why i even put boobs on my list because yes i would like them to be bigger. but i don't really like the options i have to make them bigger. I don't want something fake inside me. Plus i think of it as false advertising. I don't even wear padded bra for that very reason. I don't want someone liking me for my breast anyway. I'm fine with my boobs end of story. On to my NOSE... okay so i don't like it much. I've been told i have my brothers nose and it scares me. I have a bump on the bridge and it points downwards. Those are the two reasons why i don't like it. Plus if my nose is like my brothers with age its going to continue to slope down. Very frightening fact. So I'm highly considering Rhinoplasty. Yup. I want to get rid of the bump and slope it up a bit. Oh and something funny my brother in-law said to me about the whole nose job thing... "All you have to do is get a boob job, and then no one would be looking at your nose anyway." funny but sadly true. I probably sound so vain. I'm generally pleased with my body. A girl can dream a little right.
Anyway on to the bigger and harder part is working on a "Perfect Soul"... My soul is in need of much improvements. Just by reading the entire beginning of this post proves that my soul needs a little work done. So here are some things I think might help me out ; become more spiritual, be kinder to others, smile more, be more open to new things, help others, always speak well of others and myself, stop doubting, continue to learn and grow, teach and be taught, listen, share, create more and LOVE. The list goes on and on, but I think these are what I should work on the most. So I think I'm done now... Good night!

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