Tuesday, March 23, 2010

missing... YOU... but i haven't met YOU yet.

i am in love with this song
bought this record and I'm obsessed

and if you believe in dreams
or what is more important
that a dream can come true
i will meet you


its simple love said...

Lesly! So good to hear from you! Yeah I am way excited about the line up this year. It'd be awesome to run into you. Hey, did you ever start up that clothing line you girls were going to do?


its simple love said...

oh and p.s. I gave you an award on my blog! It's just for fun so do it if you want to but no big deal if you don't. I just love what you have on your blog! Especially those tree rails.


Stephanie said...

ah bjork is amazing. i still love her "all is full of love" song.

Lesly said...

Rachael, thanks for the award on your blog your so sweet. I absolutely adore your blog. The clothing line idea kinda died after we had things almost stared due to everyone being on different places and money. but its good it was fun getting it somewhat started. I'll keep reading your blog and leave you comments.



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