Tuesday, June 8, 2010

modern design in Utah?


What a bachelor pad! This awesome 1,800-sq.-ft. Monte-Silo House was designed by Gigaplex Architects for a single man and his weekend visitors to Woodland, Utah. Nestled comfortably among nature and on the Provo River, this modern silo house was constructed of two linked corrugated-metal grain silos, giving the home its unique look and wonderful circular rooms inside. But apart from aesthetics, this house boasts some other cool features – namely, its eco-friendly features. The home’s southern exposure maximizes natural daylight and solar heat gain during the cold winter months. Adding to the cozy warmth, an electric mesh is installed into the lower floor to heat the house, along with a propane-burning stove for backup. Warm in winter and cool in summer, the metal grating and the second-storey deck provide shade, and sweet relief from the hot summer sun. Last but not least, the bedrooms – made especially for the homeowner’s two grandchildren – are a “bed in a box” concept, each equipped with stereo sound and a flat-screen television. Gigaplex Architects.



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The Lee's said...

ah I want to move there...if it was in HI ha ha. that looks so sick love the little bed cubbies

Brandon Behrmann said...

Les, this is the house you were talking about on our road trip. You are right, it's wicked awesome.


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