Friday, February 6, 2009

higher in my walk, and i'm glowing in the dark

while i'm on the topic of stripper shoes here are some of my favorites

so i really want the brass knuckle heels and the round heel ankle boots.they're amazing. on the top right corner the ballet spikes... tell me how can one even walk in these?

oh and i think i'll want a pair of these 7.5 inch dice heels whenever I get married.. in about thirty years hope my legs and feetsies could handle them.


Michelle said...

i was wondering the same thing about those ballet spikes.

they look uncomfortable.

whoever designed them should be shot.

my friend married a girl a foot shorter than him. she didn't want to look too short, so she searched the internet for tall shoes.

and found ones that said "insert dollar bills here"

Anonymous said...

shopping in ballet spikes. I too would like to get a pair of these.


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