Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So i can't seem to fall asleep tonight... i feel as if i have ADD at the moment. my mind is going in a thousand different directions. so the blog below and this one as well(which are of no importance) are just created by pure boredom. Not saying that the rest of my posts are of importance anyway.

Yeah... so i've been thinking that i really need to start painting again or writing, what this blog was originally supposed to contain. But my brain has been lacking the creativity and intellect. sad i know. but what's a girl to do? I've been getting inspiration from written word, music(spoken word maybe more like sung word or played emotions... maybe)and people watching... i'm a great watcher of personages. yes yes i am. So i'm thinking of busting out my little sketchbook which i have left to collect dust up on my desk, and begin sketching and writing once more.

Anyway sorry for this random tangent, and don't be surprised if i don't post thing from my sketchbook... because the odds of me actually starting up again are slim. but i will try and i hope you will like it... yes you. the one person reading my blog. yup that would be you Nicki... ha ha. if you do read this and your name is not Nicki,please say hello. if your name is Nicki you can still say hello.. i wont be mad.

Well over and out.

P.S. remind me never to post again when its almost 3am.


Darling Nicki said...

... wait.. my name IS Nicki! haha how sad is that. I am your follower :) I love your ramblings.. makes me feel somewhat normal. Not that either of us are normal. LOVE the pink hair. And Owen, we should trade music. AND I simply love you. Namaste.

Jack W. said...

Hello, Lesly.

Lesly said...

Thanks guys for reading it means a lot to me.


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